Homes in Bakersfield


The Benefits of Purchasing a Home in Bakersfield

There are several benefits to purchasing a home in the city of Bakersfield, including it’s unique juxtaposition of quiet life with the proximity of major urban areas, the low cost of living and good weather.

Quiet Living

It has all the amenities of city life. There is a wide assortment of bookstores, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, dog parks, department stores, movie theaters, etc. But its open plains and expansive nature also afford residents the chance to experience the quieter side of life, without the hustle and crowds of a major city. In fact, many city-dwellers who grow weary of Southern California mobs but still yearn to be nearby settle in Bakersfield.

Nearby Cities

If homeowners do get a craving for a taste of the city, it’s never an inconvenience. Its geographical neighbor just happens to be one of the world’s most famous metropolises: Los Angeles. The sister cities are near enough to make a day trip not only possible, but easy and fun.

Low Cost of Living

Not only is there plenty of housing available, but the cost of residing in one is notably lower than most places in the state of California. Some studies indicate that the cost of living is more than 25% below the state average. If that doesn’t seem impressive, those same studies place it a bit under the national average as well – which takes into account states where wages are notably lower.

Great Weather

Homeowners in the city often cite its sunny disposition as a major benefit of residing within its limits. Not only does it keep them comfortable and happy, it is less taxing on the homes they own. And, as many homeowners will attest, the less stress a home is placed under, the less maintenance there is to handle.